A Noein Thought: We've realized the paperless design of healthcare appliances.

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The Sizzle CMS is a website creation and management system that enables organizations to deliver outstanding online presences by putting the power to create compelling content in the hands of the communications, marketing and operations staff who need it, all based on the solid backbone of an industry-leading architecture.

Learn More →JavaScript Medical Appliance SpecificationJavaScript Toolkit & Medical Appliances

Our JavaScript toolkit allows for the design and deployment of applications for in-browser specification of medical appliances, the visualization of data from disparate sources, and the rapid deployment of rich Internet applications.

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We develop rich Internet applications, web applications in a variety of languages, and UNIX applications. We are familiar with a diverse set of technologies. Our process, which we have perfected over the past eight years, allows us to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Learn More →Infrastructure and VirtualizationInfrastructure & Virtualization

Noein architects, deploys, and maintains UNIX and Windows systems on the bare metal and in VMware and Xen. We know Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Our staff have built large monitoring systems and have established change management protocols. We are sensitive to compliance requirements, with a special focus on healthcare.

Process Makes Perfect

Software projects routinely fail due to bad planning and management. We've spent the last eight years refining our process.

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In-Browser Specification

We have developed software to allow complex medical devices to be designed and specified visually in a web browser.

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Technical Capabilities

Noein excels at engineering applications that expose data, logic, and services for browsers, mobile devices, and external systems.

Noein is an innovator of rich interfaces in JavaScript that consume web services.

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no·ein, v. 'nō-en [fr. Gr. nous, mind.] to think; to realize the truth.